How are we different from others?

Moving Options is specifically designed to connect you to the most trusted, quality and reliable businesses in the removalist industry. Moving Options is the only place where you can quickly and efficiently get a quote without the hassle of picking up the phone or spending hours searching online directories and wasting your time. It’s much quicker and easier filling out our online forms and entering some basic details, then sit back and waite for the quotes to come in.

How much does it cost me to use this service?

For people wanting items moved It’s absolutely FREE for you to list a job on Moving Options. You’ll receive quotes from trusted removal companies and accept the one quote that suits your needs and budget.

Do service providers offer insurance?

Each service provider has it’s own insurance policies. It is best to check with each service provider individually regarding what insurance options they offer before booking their services.

How do I know if the business can do my job?

For each business that is added to our trusted network of businesses, each must specify the types of services they can perform and have the equipment to do so. Moving Options will only send out your job to related businesses that can perform your work.

How many quotes will I receive?

It is important to us that you get quality quotes and not inundate you with quotes so you can expect to receive up to 10 quotes for your listed job.

How soon can I expect quotes?

You can expect to receive quotes as soon as 1hour to 48 hours. In many cases the turn around time is within the day.

Do I have to choose or go ahead with a quote?

No! You are not obligated to choose or go ahead with any of the quotes that you receive.

Can I contact the business for more information?

Yes certainly! You will be able to contact the business for more information once they have sent you a quote.

Can I change the details of my job?

Yes! Any quotes that you have received before you have changed your job details will be sent directly to the businesses to update their quote. Any quotes received afterwards will reflect the new job details.

Does Moving Options recommend a removal company for me?

No! Moving Options does not select companies for you. It will only alert businesses that can perform your job to send you quotes. So, you are in complete control of the selection process at all times in relation to which company you do or do not choose to use.

How can I search for a specific removal company?

Moving Options has a directory list of our entire network of removal companies. If you would like to search for a specific removal company, please go to the ‘Find Removalits page’ for a complete list.

Can I leave feedback for a business?

Yes absolutely! We encourage you to leave feedback for the business provider that completed the work for you. This will help other customers to choose businesses for their work. Once a job is marked completed, you will have the option to post comments, compliments, criticisms and reviews for the business provider.

Who guarantees the work?

Any work to be done, will be agreed upon between you and the business provider and will be guaranteed by the business provider under their own separate business Terms. Moving Options does not offer any guarantee of the work completed by business providers, as we only act as an intermediary to connect both parties.

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